Ava Imogen Grayson is a Canadian-born sound and media artist living and working in Helsinki. She is a lecturer at the University of the Arts Helsinki in the Sound Art & Sonic Arts programme, and regularly facilitates workshops and event series that promote new and creative ways for members of the local community to experience listening, sound, and wellbeing. She holds a Master's in Sound in New Media (Aalto University) and a Bachelor of Music Composition (University of British Columbia).

The crucial aspects of any work I do are deeply rooted in connection (human and otherwise), presence, and the ability to communicate elegantly and clearly. The medium bends to fit each piece’s individual context and concept. Since it is with vigour and warmth that I invest myself into each project—whether my own or a collaboration—my personality is inextricable from my work, and my work is inextricable from the pleasures and sorrows of living my life.